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Weighted blanket and its benefits

by Jerald

These are blankets having a slightly higher weight than a traditional blanket and people use these for therapeutic needs. These blankets are best for relieving stress and anxiety. Nowadays people are more stressed because of the daily work routine and busy city life. Buying a weighted softball blanket can make you feel comfortable and relaxed while sleeping. Weighted blankets are normally filled with the beads or pellets of plastic. The weight of the blanket helps in producing a relaxing effect on the body. Now, look at how a weighted blanket works.

Explaining weighted blankets

Weighted blankets use a technique of deep pressure which stimulates the mood. It is also known as DPS. You will feel like you are more secure because the weighted blanket acts as if you have hugged it. This deep pressure touch helps your body to stay calm and boost your sleep. It also helps by relaxing your nervous system. Research has proved that the use of weighted blankets can help increase the level of oxytocin in patients. You can compare it with a hug machine which gives the same comfort and stimulate the release of oxytocin. Besides oxytocin, deep pressure therapy is also helpful in increasing the amount of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. This chemical when released makes the person feel happy, calm, and good.

Benefits of the weighted blanket

There are various benefits that a weighted blanket can give you. let’s discuss the benefits in detail.

Keep you warm

The first and most important benefit of a blanket is that it keeps you warm in winter. Sleeping without a blanket can make you feel ill in winter.

Calming effect

People who are constantly under stress or are hyperactive should probably buy a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets will help in giving calm.

Serotonin stimulation

Deep pressure touch increases the release of serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for the wake-sleep cycle and it has a major impact on the quality of sleep. That’s why it decreases nervous system activities and helps you sleep deeply.

Reduce movement

If you sleep unevenly all night then a weighing blanket over you will help in reducing the movement. That will lead to more restful sleep.

Reduce heart rate

A weighing blanket is useful in reducing the heart to normal levels while sleeping. It will help in stopping the illness and anxiety.

Increase security

When you will wrap the blanket around you, you will get a sense of swaddling. You will feel more secure and eventually calmer. This feeling will also help you in getting out of sleep anxiety.

Improves mood

Sleeping in a blanket helps in improving the mood. The pressure of the blanket increases the production of hormones that will make you feel good and will improve your mood. A weighing blanket also helps in reducing cortisol – the hormone which makes you feel stressed.

Soothes panic disorder

Heavy vests and blankets are proved to be beneficial for people of all ages. The weighing blanket will help in soothing your panic disorder. Reducing panic attacks will allow you to get better sleep and you can feel better.

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